Outlet which protects

People from electrical injuries, equipment from overvoltage.
Made in Europe.
According to the Ukrainian State Statistics Committee, more than 2 thousand people are killed and more than 400 thousand people are injured every year in Ukraine due to electric shocks.

Our goal is to change this statistic!
Our goal
Lemur advantages

Fast and easy installation

Innovative design

Power indication
Functional capability
Autonomous outlet
Outlet with electromechanical relay. It protects against overvoltage, residual current and overheating.
Radio-controlled outlet
Radio-controlled outlet with all types of protection that works with the control panel. Under development.
Technical specification
Device type – wall-mounted outlet
Type of outlet – EU type F
Network usage – ~230V ± 10% 50Hz
Indication of power consumption and errors
Overvoltage protection with limitation of 250V
Overload protection with limitation of 16A
Residual current protection is configurable: 0, 30, 100mA
Overheat protection with limitation of 80⁰C
Operating temperature range: -20⁰C ... 40⁰C
Relative humidity up to 80%
Why Lemur?
The nature we care
Lemur is a species of primate native to the island of Madagascar. This animal is a critically endangered rare in its native habitat due to unregulated hunting. Using this name for our outlet we pay special attention of people to disappearing nature.
If you would like to become an Lemur beta tester or have any questions or suggestions to the company, write to us and we'll get back to you quickly.
Mobile: +380 97 620 4130
E-mail: info@mangosystems.pro